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Si Como No Resort

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Gold Level Green Leader

Sí Como No has been accepted as a "Gold Level Green Leader" in the TripAdvisor® GreenLeaders™ program, which helps travelers around the world plan green trips by highlighting hotels that engage in environmentally friendly practices.

Sustainable Hospitality at Our Resort in Costa Rica

We deliver exceptional experiences in Costa Rica that are shaped around the unique bio-regions within the climate zones in which we operate.

Reducing our carbon footprint while increasing our activity in protecting the natural resources in our areas of operation is one of our key objectives. The other is the economic sustainability of the communities adjacent to the places where we operate. We believe that Costa Rica's natural resources include its people, heritage, and culture.

Therefore, we actively support programs and initiatives in the towns and communities surrounding the hotel, including our long-standing commitment to hire locally.

Si Como No Sustainable Policies and Practices

Villa Blanca's sustainability policies govern the following key areas of environmental impact and compliance with these policies is supported by staff training. We also have ongoing orientation programs led by hotel supervisors for new staff, hotel guests and visitors from national and international NGOs, GAs, foundations, universities and private groups advocating sustainability and conservation.

Recycling and Waste Management

We recycle glass, plastic, paper, and aluminum cans throughout the hotel's operations using the local recycling center in each community. Fruit and vegetable waste is recycled to make compost to fertilize the hotel's gardens. Meat, fish and poultry waste is collected daily for farm animals, reducing the demand on local waste disposal facilities. We have limited bars of soap for bathroom sinks. All soap bar wrappers are recyclable and, whenever possible, banana paper is used for printed material.

Walking Properly

Not only are we conscious of our methane and carbon footprints.
Nuestro compromiso como Resort es minimizar la interrupción de la flora y la fauna en la reserva y los hábitats circundantes, diseñando cuidadosamente los caminos y la infraestructura de acceso para que los huéspedes puedan experimentar estos bosques tropicales lo más cerca posible de su condición original.

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